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Selecting the Table Array for VLOOKUP

Updated: Mar 19

I will be demonstrating more efficient ways to select the table array for a VLOOKUP function instead of dragging to select.

Dragging to select can be very cumbersome and inefficient if you have a very large range of data for the table array.

There are three methods that I commonly use to select the table array for the VLOOKUP function, selecting with the keyboard, typing in the cell address, and naming the range of data. All three methods work better than dragging to select; however, it is best to name the range or table if you will be referring to the same range or table again.

I will also cover the difference between the False Range Lookup value and the True Range Lookup value. Choosing False or True as the range lookup value depends on whether the objective is to return an exact match or an approximate match.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of the techniques mentioned above.

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