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5 Windows 11 Skills to Help You Become More Computer Savvy

Updated: Apr 19

Search Box

The Search Box is a powerful tool located on the taskbar that allows users to quickly find files, apps, and web content. It provides suggestions and results from the web, making it easier to perform searches without opening a browser. Users can customize the appearance of the Search Box, choosing to display it as an icon, an icon with a label, or as a full search box, according to their preference.

Notification Area

The notification area often referred to as the system tray, is a section of the taskbar that displays system and app notifications. It houses icons for quick access to settings like network, sound, and battery, and shows alerts from apps. Users can customize which icons appear and manage notification settings for a personalized experience.

Snap Layouts

Snap Layouts are a feature designed to enhance multitasking by allowing users to organize open windows into efficient layouts. These layouts help users manage their workspace by snapping windows into an organized view, making it easier to work with multiple applications simultaneously.

Snap Layouts can enhance business productivity by allowing users to organize multiple applications on-screen efficiently. Here are some scenarios where Snap Layouts can be particularly beneficial: Project Management, Creative Work, Data Analysis and Reporting, Live Chat Jobs, Call Center Work, Research and Writing.

By mastering Snap Layouts, professionals can streamline their workflow, reduce time spent switching between windows, and focus on delivering results.



Dictation, also known as voice typing, allows users to enter text by speaking, which is then converted into written words in real-time. It supports various languages. This feature is particularly useful for hands-free typing and is accessible in any field across the system.


Text Size

You can easily adjust the text size to improve readability across the system.

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