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Welcome to my blog! I'm excited to have you here. I work from home and absolutely love it. I am here to offer you some of my experiences and the different insights I have learned when it comes to working remotely. Whether you have been working remotely for several years or are new to this type of work environment, on this blog you will find some useful insights to increase your productivity and make the most of the remote home office.

My primary tools in the home office are Excel 365 and Windows 11. Learning the computer can be difficult, but I have persevered and now I am a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert, and I am willing to share my knowledge working with excel tools and functions with you. I could not mentioned excel without telling you how Windows 11 greatly enhance the experience of working with excel with tools like the Snap Layout.

Here I will be sharing my insights with Working from Home, Excel, and Windows 11. So take the plunge with me as we delve into all the tips, tricks and insights that will help you succeed in your digital work environment!

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